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       7” single, The Cravats/Small Wonder, 1978.
      Gordon, Situations Vacant.

      burning-bridges.jpgThe End
       7” EP, Small Wonder, 1979.
      Burning Bridges, I Hate The Universe, The End.

      toytown-comp-smallest.jpgThe Cravats in Toytown
      LP, Small Wonder, 1980.
      Still, In Your Eyes, Welcome,
      Pressure Sellers,
      One In A Thousand, XMP,
      All Around The Corner,
      Ceasing To Be, Gordon,
      Live For Now,
      Tears On My Machine,
      The Hole, All On Standby,
      Triplex Zone.

      7” single, Small Wonder, 1980.
      Precinct, Who’s In Here With Me.

      youre-driving-me.jpgYou’re Driving Me
      7” single, Small Wonder, 1981.
      You’re Driving Me, I Am The Dreg.

      off-the-beach.jpgOff The Beach
      7” single, Small Wonder, 1981.
      Off The Beach, And The Sun Shone.

      7” single, Glass Records, 1982.
      Terminus, Little Yellow Froggy.

      rub-me-out.jpgRub Me Out 
      7” single, Crass Records, 1982.
      Rub Me Out, When Will We Fall.

      colossal-tunes-out.jpgThe Colossal Tunes Out
      (including the DcL flexi-disc
      ‘Laboratory Series 1’)
      LP, Crass Records, 1983.
      Off The Beach, Terminus,
      Firemen, The Station,
      Working Down Underground,
      I Am The Dreg, You’re Driving Me,
      There Is No International Rescue,
      And The Sun Shone, 
      Ice-cubists, Rub Me Out,
      Daddy’s Shoes,
      When Will We Fall.

      land-of-the-giants.jpgThe Land Of The Giants
      12” single, Reflex Records, 1985.
      Land Of The Giants,
      The Shroud Of New York
      (chapter 2),
      Execute His Will,
      The Shroud Of New York
      (chapter 1).